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As My Friend Transfer, we operate with our service that facilitates life by pioneering innovations in the sector. With a dynamic human resource, we stand out with the best vehicles in its class by revealing different perspectives in airport transfer. With the philosophy of trust, sincerity and satisfaction, we make the trips meaningful by accompanying customers on every journey. In addition to private and family transfer requests, we make people smile who want to feel valuable with the VIP transfer welcome service. We accompany everyone from 7 to 70 young and old for a fast and safe journey. Many employees meet with high work ethic and experience under our brand. My Friend Transfer, which develops itself day by day with its different investments and stands out in many sectors, offers fascinating activities such as shopping tours and special entertainments. It welcomes those who want to take their place in the world of trade such as fairs, congresses and openings with its privileged VIP service. In addition, we help create the perfect memories to enjoy the moment and have fun every day. Shopping, Shuttle transfer and VIP services bring privileged opportunities for the destination.

While we follow the latest innovations and integrate modern technologies into every point of our services, we work above the expected quality level. As My Friend Transfer, which meets the demands completely as well as providing transfer service, we showcase our work with an understanding that contributes to the country. When it comes to a point-to-point journey, we offer speed, trust and satisfaction, which are the first elements that come to mind. We are active 24/7, using our knowledge and experience for many of your needs for many years. We convey our solution-oriented experiences to our employees with the trainings we provide, and we announce the quality of our business to all sides. In order to be a preferred business, we also offer all our customers the corporate journey they need. By eliminating traffic stress, we make extra efforts to keep your energy in place. The maximum performance and additional features offered by the vehicles take away the concept of boredom. It is now very easy to make a calm journey fascinated with its scenery thanks to our employees who are knowledgeable about each side of Antalya. We do not settle for what we have and will continue to explore opportunities that will benefit people.


As My Friend Transfer, our mission is to progress towards becoming one of the high energy companies in Antalya airport transfer with the partnerships and collaborations we provide. We offer the needed journey to the service of our customers by eliminating all the grievances even in the most distant points, day and night. By establishing the best time and cost management, we have the best relationships with our customers. Besides the 100% satisfaction, the smiling face we have guides our mission.


My Friend Transfer aims to serve everyone, regardless of domestic and foreign, by advancing to become better every day. Thanks to the quality service we provide, we also strive to have a refreshing impact on the country's trade by contributing to the tourism and accommodation industry. We hope to achieve growth in all areas, by using all resources correctly. In this way, we plan to contribute to employment and career development as well as transfer service.

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