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Antalya Airport Transfer Prices: Safe and Economical Options

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HOMEPAGEBLOGAntalya Airport Transfer Prices: Safe and Economical Options
Antalya Airport Transfer Prices: Safe and Economical Options

As a premier provider of Antalya airport transfer services, My Friend Transfer offers comfortable and enjoyable journeys in the renowned holiday destination of Antalya. With a substantial fleet of vehicles, our team at My Friend Transfer leads the way among transfer companies in Antalya, guaranteeing timely airport welcomes for guests from around the globe. Our company prides itself on delivering a secure travel experience, featuring modern interior designs and cutting-edge vehicles. We provide comprehensive two-way services for both airport transfers and city transportation.

Our Antalya airport transfer service provides guests with a distinctive travel experience complemented by unforgettable views. Our vehicles have been meticulously designed to enhance your journey's enjoyment, prioritizing your comfort and needs. My Friend Transfer is consistently one of the top recommendations for all airport-to-city center trips, thanks to our amiable staff, cost-effective prices, international-standard service quality, and VIP comfort. Whether it's a vacation or a business trip, every moment of your journey transforms into a delightful experience with My Friend Transfer.

Our Most Popular Antalya Airport Transfer Routes and Prices

My Friend Transfer, as a leading company in Antalya Airport transfer, makes our guests feel privileged with our modern transportation service. Some of our most preferred routes are:

Antalya Airport – Side Transfer: Getting to Side, the beloved holiday destination, from Antalya Airport is now incredibly convenient and quick. On average, you can arrive at your preferred location in Side in just 55 minutes, all for just €45. Opt for My Friend Transfer to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey and make the most of your holiday.

Antalya Airport – Manavgat Transfer: Ready for a swift and luxurious journey with VIP transfer from Antalya Airport to Manavgat? You can arrive in this picturesque city in just about an hour, and the price for this exclusive trip is a mere €45. Secure your reservation now with My Friend Transfer to ensure an unforgettable experience while soaking in the city's scenic views!

Antalya Airport – Alanya Transfer: The VIP transfer service connecting Antalya Airport and Alanya stands out as one of the city's most sought-after routes. This exceptional journey takes approximately 2 hours, and you can reach any location in Alanya for just €70. Prepare for a comfortable and swift trip to Alanya with My Friend Transfer.

Antalya Airport – Kemer Transfer: Just 50 minutes is all it takes to travel from Antalya Airport to the enchanting town of Kemer, nestled amidst stunning mountains and azure seas. What's more, the price for this delightful journey is remarkably affordable, at just €45. Reserve your spot now to explore the charms of Kemer with My Friend Transfer and create lasting memories.

Antalya Airport – Belek Transfer: In a mere 35 minutes and at a cost of just €30, you can easily reach Belek from Antalya Airport. Belek, with its captivating natural beauty and pristine waters, awaits your arrival. During your journey to Belek, My Friend Transfer is here to greet you with a serene blue-green ambiance and luxurious vehicle comfort.

Our company takes a forward-thinking approach to two-way transfer services, all while maintaining an attractive pricing strategy and prioritizing passenger satisfaction. Our goal is to provide an experience that makes every passenger feel privileged through comfortable journeys. Let My Friend Transfer make every moment of your trip truly special.

Privileges of My Friend Transfer

  • Stay in touch with Wi-Fi connection
  • Entertainment options with TV service
  • Keep up with your work even while traveling with the work stand
  • Be safe on your trip with the hygiene kit
  • Make your journeys unforgettable with the music sound system
  • Enjoy comfort with modern air conditioning system
  • Refresh and enjoy with cold and hot beverage service

My Friend Transfer delivers an exclusive travel experience by providing the most comprehensive service in the city. To indulge in this experience with our Antalya VIP transfer, you can either visit our website or make a reservation by calling +90 533 681 68 98. Our skilled drivers and extensive vehicle fleet are prepared to pick you up from any location in the city or the airport. You can access the latest and safest transportation service by reaching out to us 24/7.

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